Google along with few others teamed up to fund WordPress New Platform development. WordPress is developing Platform called “Newspack”.This Platform aims to support Small and Medium Enterprises. WordPress has started developing the platform. It will be available for use later this year.

WordPress aims to provide an easy to use platform for journalist. It will help journalist to easily publish news, stories and related information.  Newspack will support all plugins that are available for WordPress Community. WordPress over a span of 15 years has become renowned publishing platform on open web.

Support of News Publishers

WordPress will be working with News Revenue Hub and Spirited Media to optimize the platform for target audience. Collaboration of these companies aims to develop a user friendly platform. Expertise of WordPress in development of CMS Platforms and extensive skills of these companies in news industry will result in Journalist oriented Platform.

Google Role

Google will be extending technical support for its products to integrate with Newspack. Google will also perform advisory role based on relevant feedback.  It is also funding half of the Project finances.

unding Partners

WordPress is expecting total funding of 2.4 million for this Project.  Google is leading with 1.2 million dollar, 50% of the total funding. Lenfest Institute for Journalism with 400,000$, ConsenSys is funding 350,000$, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation committed to contribute 200,000$.